Fucheng county embellish feng adhesive co., LTD., founded in 1995, professional development and production of environmentally friendly adhesives. Existing products: water-based sealing glue, plastic water-based pasting, jelly glue, industrial gelatin, bone glue, and other products. My company to high-quality staff, high-precision production equipment, first-class raw materials, advanced production technology, strict testing means, to ensure product quality reach the standard user, strictly implement the "first-class products, to meet user demand" the quality policy, and adhere to the "I believe, therefore I am" the enterprise idea, general manager with all the staff sincerely hope and the domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation, hand in hand advance together, altogether will create tomorrow!
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  • Applications Overview cel...

    Cellulose is the widespread nature of natural resources, renewable, according to exper.......

  • What adhesive is

    Adhesive (Bonding agent) is one of the most important auxiliary materials, packaging operations in wide range of applications ....

  • Adhesive Notes

    Enhance the performance of waterproof cardboard Notes 1 PH value waterproof adhesive .......

  • How to keep a binder?

    Adhesive polymer material is mostly soil, some will have to add some solvent, chemic.......

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